is a native network for website monetization and traffic buying

Choose the platform option that suits your needs

  • Place ad units on your site and get rewarded for every ad impression
  • for display on sites from our database and earn money by selling your products/services

Benefits of working with us

  • 01 More than 15,000 own sites

    The presence of such an internal database allows you to purchase inventory without extra charges and purchase advertising at a cost lower than that of competitors.

  • 02 API integration with international trackers and verifiers

    A bulk data upload tool is available that allows you to use third party systems and scripts to manage your advertising campaigns.

  • 03 Choosing a purchase model

    Available payment formats crs, cpm, vcpm.

  • 04 Creatives as a gift, adaptive settings

    Adjustment of advertising to content occurs automatically due to optimization.

  • 05 Estimation of volumes and rates by ad’s topics in real time

    A function that allows you to learn about network opportunities and prices on topics of your choice. This will allow you not only to predict the result before launching advertising campaigns, but also to effectively set up streams. The data is updated in real-time.

  • 06 All ad formats available

    TGB, TGB In-Read, Banner, Video.

  • 07 Algorithm for selecting rates for sites

    Working with the Selective Pricing tool allows you to increase or decrease your bid per click on selected sites. Due to which you can either buy out the maximum number of impressions from the relevant site, or pay less where the indicators are lower.

  • 08 Auction with ML

    The usage of machine learning models allows you to take into account many parameters and factors in the process of  bidding. Algorithms are trained on actual events for multiple business verticals.

  • 09 Microbidding

    In accordance with your goals, that functionality allows you to set increasing and decreasing coefficients for targets by operator, country, browser, platform and time of day.

  • 10 Campaign Rating

    Campaign Rating is taken into account in the auction and allows you to achieve a better position not only at the expense of the bid. If your advertising campaigns meet requirements, you get a ranking increase. The more points completed, the higher the final rating.

  • 11 Estimation of Reach

    Right after setting up an advertising campaign, you’ll see the predicted audience volume that allows you to plan your ads and their results better.

  • 12 Targeting 200+

    Goal settings are available by socio-demographic and contextual characteristics, as well as user interests and in keywords.

How we are working

SSP - supply-side platform DSP -demand-side platform

At any given moment, multiple advertisers can bid on a single impression of a web-site’s inventory, then the winning ad (with the highest bid) is shown to the user. Through RTB, advertisers can apply fine-tuned targeting and focus on the inventory most relevant to them

Network volumes

We offer advertisers quality native traffic from more than

22 countries
  • Belarus

    4 963 867 displays per day
    107 254 clicks per day
  • Indonesia

    12 940 438 displays per day
    415 844 clicks per day
  • Kazakhstan

    4 020 020 displays per day
    112 454 clicks per day
  • Thailand

    2 444 266 displays per day
    71 279 clicks per day
  • Europe

    13 576 073 displays per day
    361 365 clicks per day
  • Latin America

    549 072 displays per day
    18 322 clicks per day


  • What formats/configurations do you provide with?

    At the moment, we have three formats: TGB, TGB In-Read, banner.

  • What are the technical requirements?

    To TGB

    The advertising format is located under the article or on the side

    100 character header

    Files in JPG and PNG are supported for images

    You can crop an image when you create a creative

    The maximum size of a square image is 367x367px

    Maximum rectangular image size - 539x359px

    To TGB In-Read

    The advertising format is located inside the text, it is automatically scaled for the mobile version. It can combine the following elements: image, title, pription and button.

    Valid image sizes:

    300*300, 400*400, 305*240, 300*250, 300*409, 250*200, 320*270

    345*345, 345*200, 400*400, 400*350, 335*224, 250*300, 250*400, 240*250, 240*300, 500*455, 500*310, 500*240, 345*230, 600*336, 790*520, 376*376

    Text ads do not allow abuse of Caps-Lock and exclamation/question marks. Each sentence must end with a punctuation mark: full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.

    A text declaration can consist of the following elements:

    Title - no more than 65 characters, recommended 25.

    pription - no more than 90 characters, recommended 75.

    The main image is the dimensions cm above, preferably 3-4 sizes

    Call to Action: text on the button, for example: More details, Install, Download, etc. No more than 15 characters, recommended 10.

    To banners

    Image formats: PNG (.png), GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpeg).

    The main allowable dimensions are:

    For phones: 320x50, 320x100, 300x250, 300х300, 300x600, 240x400, 320x480, 480x320, 970x90, 970x250, 336x280, 728x90, 468x60, 160х600

    For PC: 728x90, 240x400, 300x250, 468x60, 160x600, 336x280, 300x600, 300х300, 970x250, 1000x120, 970х90

    For tablets: 320x50, 320x100, 300x250, 300х300, 300x600, 240x400, 320x480, 480x320, 970x90, 970x250, 336x280, 728x90, 468x60, 160х600

    Additional dimensions:

    For phones: 300x500, 240x600, 300x50, 300x100, 375x50, 200x200, 250x250

    For PC: 320x100, 300x500, 120x600, 200х300, 980x120, 980x90

    For tablets: 768x1024, 1024x768, 640x360, 360x640

    Recommended rules for creating HTML banners:

      - The banner must be an archive of many files: index.html and sprite.png (two and no more than 100 are recommended). Only relative references to resource files are allowed in the index.html file.

      - Be sure to reduce the size of sprite.png files through the service

      - In an index.html file, base64 views for images are not allowed.

    All clicks of events that cause a switch to an advertiser's site must be handled strictly through the <a href=””>

  • What targets are available?

    At the moment, it is possible to target:

      - GEO

      - Devices (PC/mobile)

      - Browsers

      - Operating systems

      - Telecom operators

      - Audience data

      - Social demography (gender/age)

      - Third-party data: AmberData, Weborama

      - Retargeting, Look-alike

  • Which counters does the platform support?

    We accept any counters of different systems.


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